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Swanston Central Dark
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Swanston Central is a modern tower created by global developer Hengyi. The development offers incredible amenities, accessibility and lifestyles rendered in multiple colour schemes.

Hengyi chose Twostyle to provide exclusive furniture packages and custom solutions for the project. Swanston Central’s dark scheme display suite provides a dynamic foundation for the luxe package which Twostyle created for the project.

The atmosphere established by dark timbers is extended with black and grey furniture. A white marble table maintains the feel while breaking up the space, while a comparatively minimalist art print expands the sense of open space.

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Grey and silver décor and accessories were chosen to complement the orange colours applied to Swanston Central’s dark scheme.

A leather butterfly chair with just the right amount of added fluff and firmness with the use of a throw and pillow provides textural nuance to accentuate the dark scheme’s character. dow.

Partnered with Hengyi.
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